Relationship Loss after Illness

Navigating Relationship Loss after Illness

A serious illness – or setback of any kind – is likely to prompt several transition periods, usually unpredictable. Although transitions are an essential, potentially invigorating part of life, they might not always be fun when you’re in the middle of one. If you understand the nature of the process – and can identify where you are in it –...

Guidposts in Life's Journey

Guideposts and Wake-Up Calls

Danea Horn, author of "Chronic Resilience," asked me "As you were going through your own illness, what was the turning point when you knew that it was time to begin to build your professional life as a coach? My response here.

Grounded by My Body

Grounded by My Body

Last month, while reaching for a towel after my shower I felt it; I felt the "tear" ever so gently making it's way across my middle back, starting from the left of my spine and moving across to the right. It as if a tiny fuse had been lit and quickly made its way across to full ignition.

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