Grounded by My Body

Grounded by My Body

Last month, while reaching for a towel after my shower I felt it; I felt the "tear" ever so gently making it's way across my middle back, starting from the left of my spine and moving across to the right. It as if a tiny fuse had been lit and quickly made its way across to full ignition.

Chronic Illness or Chronic Sensitivity?

A couple of weeks ago I was once again reflecting on the widespread use of the term, chronic illness, two words used to describe a wide range of illnesses, everything from diabetes to cancer to migraine headaches to rheumatoid arthritis. Those 2 words evoke, in me, a feeling of finality, a prognosis I admittedly resist.

Body Says What?

I was challenged last week to identify 2 business activities I would select if I could only work 10 hours a week (sound familiar?), with an instruction to assume that the finances would be fine and other business tasks would be handled by other people.

David Whyte Sheds Light on the Soul at Work

"The Heart Aroused" by David Whyte. seemed the perfect book for a potentially treacherous day. He opens the book to talk about the fine line we walk between having it all together and losing it all at the drop of a hat. Says Whyte: The personality seeks power over experience; the soul seeks power through experience.

Business from Bed

When business-minded people are remanded to their beds - or their homes - by a prolonged health crisis it can become a time of deep reflection, prompting a person to reevaluate assumptions that have formed the basis for many life and business decisions. "Business from Bed" empowers you to navigate this territory.

Perfect Health – What’s That?

When my body was giving me a lot of grief, I thought a lot about the pressure to get well, be well, stay well and look well. I remembered my own battles with what I called "the tyranny of perfect health." In honor of all who strive with ongoing illness and in tribute to "invisible illness week," I share something...

Stress and the Rubber Band

Picture a rubber band for a moment. With very little tension it sits there "doing nothing," lying on your desk somewhat formless and lifeless. At first glance, you might think it's not very useful in this state. However, I'd like to think that the rubber band at rest could be equated to the moments in our lives when we are...

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