Relationship Loss after Illness

Navigating Relationship Loss after Illness

A serious illness – or setback of any kind – is likely to prompt several transition periods, usually unpredictable. Although transitions are an essential, potentially invigorating part of life, they might not always be fun when you’re in the middle of one. If you understand the nature of the process – and can identify where you are in it –...

Chronic Illness or Chronic Sensitivity?

A couple of weeks ago I was once again reflecting on the widespread use of the term, chronic illness, two words used to describe a wide range of illnesses, everything from diabetes to cancer to migraine headaches to rheumatoid arthritis. Those 2 words evoke, in me, a feeling of finality, a prognosis I admittedly resist.

Why Do You Not Heal Me?

Tolongua limped up the trail to see the ridge. He faced the truth at last. His foot would be weak always. No running after game until the animal collapsed in exhaustion and he, triumphant, sped the arrow. He gripped the staff with both hands and pounded it upon Earthmother. "Why did you not heal me?"

Family and Illness: Offering and Accepting Support

A couple of days ago I interviewed a woman - I'll call her Patricia - who is just a few months out from her last dosage of chemo after a double mastectomy last December. She shared with me that when she started her chemo treatments she thought she would do these on her own. Though this might seem like a...

Emotional Waves and Decision-making

"Decision making is an inherently emotional business." ~ David Brooks, The Social Animal (Random House, Inc. 2011) This post opens up the discussion around "emotional capacity," in a short 3-part series "What Drives Decisions - Should or Want?" When it comes to making good, sound decisions for your business and your life, emotional capacity is a key player. Emotional capacity...

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