Values, Illness & Healing

"Regardless of your circumstances, your values, your unique attributes, and your gifts and talents are relatively consistent. They may be buried, the may be misguided or misused, but they exist. A health setback provides you an excellent opportunity to review, revisit and shed crusty old layers of misaligned choices."

The Healing Journey – An Exploration in Purpose

I've been clearing and organizing files on my laptop for the past few weeks. I found the following essay, written in 2004, 12 years after I first got sick. "The symptom, even when counter productive, is meaningful, for it expresses in symbolic form what is longing for expression." ~ James Hollis, Middle Passage

David Whyte Sheds Light on the Soul at Work

"The Heart Aroused" by David Whyte. seemed the perfect book for a potentially treacherous day. He opens the book to talk about the fine line we walk between having it all together and losing it all at the drop of a hat. Says Whyte: The personality seeks power over experience; the soul seeks power through experience.

Perfect Health – What’s That?

When my body was giving me a lot of grief, I thought a lot about the pressure to get well, be well, stay well and look well. I remembered my own battles with what I called "the tyranny of perfect health." In honor of all who strive with ongoing illness and in tribute to "invisible illness week," I share something...

Is Illness a Family Affair or a Solo Journey?

Every 12 weeks I get an infusion of Remicade, a drug delivered intravenously to help reverse the symptoms of Crohn's Disease. Sitting in the other chair was Dave, a young man with ulcerative colitis. He was there with his grandmother and the conversation that ensued got me thinking, is chronic illness a solo or family journey?

Stress and the Rubber Band

Picture a rubber band for a moment. With very little tension it sits there "doing nothing," lying on your desk somewhat formless and lifeless. At first glance, you might think it's not very useful in this state. However, I'd like to think that the rubber band at rest could be equated to the moments in our lives when we are...

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