Body Says What?

I was challenged last week to identify 2 business activities I would select if I could only work 10 hours a week (sound familiar?), with an instruction to assume that the finances would be fine and other business tasks would be handled by other people.

On Purpose with Only 2 Hours a Day

Two women, one whose heart was failing and the other with a brand new heart, were introduced by their transplant center, the Cleveland Clinic. Both experienced childhood cancer, both were treated and both survived. And, both found themselves dealing with the life-threatening, late effects of their respective treatments as adults.

Making and Keep Promises

Making Promises You May Not Be Able to Keep

As soon as we learn to speak, our "promise" training begins. Our hopes, our trust and our reliance on others are built on promises. What happens to you when an illness - or other unpredictable life-factor - makes it difficult to make promises and reliably keep them?

Celebrate Accomplishments

Why Pause after Endings?

We are lousy celebrators. Driven to be productive during all working hours, most people find it hard to not work, even for a day. Here's what I think has happened. : we've been conditioned by the corporate paradigm to sit down at our desks (of wherever we work) for 6-9 hours, no matter what.

Stress and the Rubber Band

Picture a rubber band for a moment. With very little tension it sits there "doing nothing," lying on your desk somewhat formless and lifeless. At first glance, you might think it's not very useful in this state. However, I'd like to think that the rubber band at rest could be equated to the moments in our lives when we are...

Business Life with Multiple Sclerosis: An Interview

Terri Williams has been living life and navigating the ins and outs of business, all the while dealing with fluctuating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Find out how Terri learned about her illness, and how she has adjusted to some of the challenges with grace, accompanied by an underlying determination to live life to the fullest.  

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