Values, Illness & Healing

"Regardless of your circumstances, your values, your unique attributes, and your gifts and talents are relatively consistent. They may be buried, the may be misguided or misused, but they exist. A health setback provides you an excellent opportunity to review, revisit and shed crusty old layers of misaligned choices."

Why Do You Not Heal Me?

Tolongua limped up the trail to see the ridge. He faced the truth at last. His foot would be weak always. No running after game until the animal collapsed in exhaustion and he, triumphant, sped the arrow. He gripped the staff with both hands and pounded it upon Earthmother. "Why did you not heal me?"

On Purpose with Only 2 Hours a Day

Two women, one whose heart was failing and the other with a brand new heart, were introduced by their transplant center, the Cleveland Clinic. Both experienced childhood cancer, both were treated and both survived. And, both found themselves dealing with the life-threatening, late effects of their respective treatments as adults.

The Healing Journey – An Exploration in Purpose

I've been clearing and organizing files on my laptop for the past few weeks. I found the following essay, written in 2004, 12 years after I first got sick. "The symptom, even when counter productive, is meaningful, for it expresses in symbolic form what is longing for expression." ~ James Hollis, Middle Passage

Escape from Cubicle Nation: Calming & Practical

Pamela Slim's "Escape from Cubicle Nation" was written for the new or thinking-about-it entrepreneur but it has lots of good material for the old and crusty entrepreneur, too. (Nah, I don't mean that; I just mean there is something there for those of us who have been in business for a while and need some inspiration.) I checked the book...

Right Livelihood Pyramid

Right Livelihood Positively Impacts Health

“People often fail in their careers because they have been trying to live out someone else’s idea of what a life’s work should be.” ~Marcia Menter I resemble that!  The battle within showed up through a lot of job-hopping in my 20’s and 30’s, toggling between “acceptable” job choices and those more aligned with my inner drive to do work...

The Eye of the Needle

Moving through the eye of the proverbial needle is painful while in the process, but liberating when you get to the other side. The thing is, you don't always know you are going through that eye; you just know that you feel uncomfortable, confused and slightly unhappy. Early this year I committed to reviewing my focus and direction as I...

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