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Pull up a chair and relax with your favorite beverage. Here you’ll find interviews, podcasts and Tweetchats with “ordinary” men and women who have one thing in common: they’ve faced down difficult health challenges and landed on their feet – even when flat on their butts.

You’ll meet people, very much like you, who want to engage in conversations about what is possible, using basic life-ingredients as the primary focus.

From Fired to Re-hired: You Won’t Know if You Don’t Ask

An Interview with Laurie Marrelli

March 2013 Lifework Cafe Chat with Laurie Marrelli

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Marketing consultant, Laurie Marrelli, talked about her all-too-familiar journey through the bewildering territory of a chronic illness diagnosis, the loss of business revenue, and the turn-around event that changed her life for the better. Laurie’s attitude played a large part in the positive turn in events; she never stopped asking, “what can I do differently?”

Turning Adversity into a Passion Project

An Interview with Stephanie Zimmerman and Judy Bode

March 2013 Lifework Cafe Chat with Stehpanie Zimmerman

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Two women, one whose heart was failing and the other with a brand new heart, were introduced by their transplant center, the Cleveland Clinic. They get to talking and discover just how much they have in common, both medically and professionally. Both experienced childhood cancer, both were treated and both survived. And, both found themselves dealing with the life-threatening, late effects of their respective treatments as adults. Although the type of cancer, the treatments and circumstances that got them to this place were different, their meeting has given rise to deep friendship and a cause that moves them into action almost every day,  my HEART, your HANDS, Inc.

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How Can You Earn a Good Living when Ill-health has Come to Visit?

An interview with Beth Raps, PhD., founder of RAISING CLARITY

Interview with Beth Raps in the Lifework Cafe: Money & Illness

Money and income are two of the most difficult vulnerabilities for people who have been seriously ill or injured to overcome. I’ll health means physical weakness. Physical weakness creates vulnerability. At the time when we most need to give ourselves space to heal and regroup, many people don’t; they feel they can’t. Together, Beth and I (and our guests) examined the equations entrenched in our belief systems about value, worth, time, health and money.

Beth brings a unique, uplifting perspective to the “money issue,” especially as it pertains to time and productivity. As a coach, creative fund-raiser and consultant to non-profit organizations, Beth works with her clients to release the fallacies that are blocking their efforts to ask and receive.

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TweetChats and Internet Radio Interviews

Social Media, Illness & Entrepreneurs (60 minutes)
A #BizFromBed Tweetchat
Joan Interviews Amy Ohm, CEO of Treatment Diaries.
Joined by Stephanie Zimmerman of MyHeartYourHands and Laurie Marrelli of InBox Goodness.

Business from Bed and Coaching (48 minutes)
Doug Gfeller of The Coaching Perspective interviewed Joan about how she got into coaching and her new book “Business from Bed” on OCTalk Radio

Business from Bed: (46 minutes)
Leslie Truex from Work-at-Home-Success interviewed Joan
about how to design a career or a build a business you can love from home (or bed).