When an independent entrepreneur experiences a serious health crisis, it can have a significant and immediate impact on their business. As the chief of just about everything (service, marketing, planning, filing, etc.), if you don’t have a team of people who can step in when you are unable to, suddenly your business is at risk. But, as Joan and many others have learned, you do what you can and you survive.

Rebuilding a business in the wake of a health crisis is not going to be business as usual. The road back is not only about business, it is also about your physical, mental and emotional recovery.  It is quite likely that priorities, values and approach – even the business itself – are being reexamined. This is quite normal.

Your successful comeback is …

  1. Guided by Passion
  2. Informed by Priorities
  3. Modulated by Available Time, Energy and Resources
  4. With Help from Others

I am here when you feel stuck

My aim is to offer guidance to those who KNOW they can’t keep doing things the same way they’ve always done them, and are uncertain about how to move forward. Below are some specific examples of the kinds of things you could ask me about. Each of these are issues I’ve successfully dealt with and have assisted others with, too.

  • Set realistic priorities about what you can accomplish on any given day
  • Establish simple systems that make it easier to get your work done
  • Earn a reasonable living even if you don’t have the time or energy to work 8 hours a day
  • Break down marketing into simple, easy – even enjoyable – activities that will work just fine for you and your business

If you’re looking for someone who understands the challenges of balancing your business life while dealing your personal health situation, Joan is the person whose wise counsel you need.  Not only does she understand, she communicates hope and success.

~ Terri Williams

What Does It Cost?

The first 30 minutes are on me. Bring me one specific question and we’ll see what we can do. If you are happy – and we’re both satisfied – at the end of our chat and you’d like more assistance, we’ll talk about further guidance then.

My Promise: I never, ever use pressure tactics to get someone to hire me for my services. This 30-minute offer is real. If that’s all you need or we discover the conversation between us doesn’t flow well, that will be that.

Would you like to set up a time to talk?

Head over to my contact page for my phone number, to make an appointment with me, or to send me a message.