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Illness & Earning Power – Questioning the Equations

An Interview with Beth Raps

April 17, 2013 Lifework Cafe: Money & Illness

When illness comes to visit, your feelings about yourself, about your financial welfare and sense of security must be confronted. In truth, money concerns plague all of us, wealthy or poor. We fantasize about how we’d spend it if we had more of it, worry about not having enough for a “rainy day” (feeling stupid that the rainy day has come and we didn’t save for it!), and afraid of losing what we do have. When it comes to this currency, we have very little breathing room.

Money is a currency. The root word of currency is current. Current is all about flow. In our world, money represents a flow in and out in exchange for goods or services bought or sold. IT is as simple as that.

Yet, we live at the mercy of the equations that we have constructed, turning money into statements about personal worth, collapsing time with our earning potential, and the like. I use WE in this article because I am most certainly affected by these false equations. I am determined to live my life in a state of grace and trust, yet my MIND won’t shut up about $$$$$$$$$$$.

My mission: to liberate people [who have to tend to their health] from the unhealthy practices that this DRIVE for money creates.

It was for this reason that I invited my colleague and friend, Beth Raps, the founder of RAISING CLARITY, to the Lifework Cafe to talk to us about MONEY. Beth and I share similar beliefs about money, work, value and health yet, in this area, I knew that she had made some headway that I had not. Boy, was I right.

About 5 minutes into the Chat Beth shared her perspective on all this. Health is not a pressing issue for her now (it was in her 20’s when she admits to having been a workaholic, resulting in blown adrenal glands). No, at this point in her life, and for the past 13 years, she is equally dedicated to 2 top-level priorities:

  • Being an attentive (single) mom to her home-schooled 15-year-old daughter
  • Earning a (good) living doing work that matters

By necessity – and choice – Beth has had to figure out a different set of equations for success than the majority of self-employed and employed business people utilize. As I learned in our interview, her money education began early in life when she, relatively undaunted by her financial circumstances, sought opportunities and learned HOW to ASK for money to do the things she wanted to do.

These are the questions that shaped our conversation.

  1. What about money most intrigues you? Why is it a defining aspect of your business?
  2. VALUE is a birthright, an idea most people can agree with in principle. But when it comes to understanding what that means when we’re talking about money, most of us get real fuzzy. How do we disconnect relative Health or Illness from Value?
  3. We work with another ingrained equation, TIME put in reflects VALUE and equates to EARNINGS. We believe wholeheartedly in the 8-10 hour day as the formula for success and results. Is there another way to think about this if we can’t or don’t want to routinely work on this kind of a schedule?
  4. Assuming we can successfully disconnect ourselves from these various people-made equations: Health/Worth, Time/Value and Time/Money, what replacement equations can we install to help guide us towards work that satisfies, a lifestyle that nurtures and a “secure” financial foundation?

Here’s the first equation: BIRTH = WORTH

I was going to conduct a simultaneous Tweetchat as I have done for other interviews so you could read the summary, but I was so engaged that a few minutes into our interview I realized I had no interest or energy to split my attention.  I hope you’ll do yourself a favor and either download the recording (click on the down arrow to the right of the audio bar) so you can listen wherever you like or click on the audio link that follows and sit quietly at your desk (or in bed) to  listen in.

Interview with Beth Raps in the Lifework Cafe: Money & Illness

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a nod to the guests on the Chat with us. Their presence boosted our energy and enhanced the discussion.

As always, your comments are welcome, and I would certainly be happy if you tell others who are also asking these questions about the post and the blog. Just click on any of the share links below.

I invite you to keep exploring: What (false) constructs may limit your ability to enjoy a full, satisfying work life at a slower, more sustainable pace?

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