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Respect the Energy: A No-Pressure Approach

I don’t know why I woke up thinking about the word “respect” today. Maybe it was the dream I was having in which a faceless woman had committed to some fairly public project, and when she got to the starting gate realized that it wasn’t right for her. She bravely and publicly announced that she would not be able to step into the position…in my dream.

Or maybe it was yesterday’s meeting with a business owner who habitually overloads his workday plan with tasks he can’t reasonably complete, and then turns his well-meaning plans into “This is what I SHOULD have done.”

Or maybe it was the newsletter I received about an upcoming women’s business event in which the speaker would be addressing the issue of procrastination. Message? Get more done in less time with less stress.  Been there, done that, let’s move on.

Or maybe it was the conversation I had with my business partner at the end of the day yesterday. We talked about our “plans” for today and at the end of our chat said, “sounds like a good maybe plan.”

A No-Pressure Approach to Planning

It is a relief – and totally refreshing – to work with someone who respects the flow of his own energy, and mine. He and I have a LOT of fun ideas about the videos we’ll create, and even come up with “plans” for when we can do our next shoot. Those ideas and plans NEVER dictate when we actually do them. Days – even a week or two – can go by between the initial thought and the actual shooting. And some things never materialize. On the post-production side of things (my territory) I, too, will have an idea about when I’ll work on a new video. Sometimes it happens when “planned” and other times it happens later.

  • There is NO stress.
  • There is NO procrastination.
  • There is a deep respect for the available energy.

I do video work for another woman with a similar attitude. It’s a different arrangement in that we set a date for a shoot and as long as there is energy on that day – on both our parts – we stick to the plan. In this case, too, I have the freedom to work on post-production on my time frame and she’s gone so far as to tell me that if it blows up – like I loose it completely – it’s not a problem.

In both cases, there are 2 factors that guide our actions and results:

  • Is it fun?
  • Do we have the energy?

What’s the “secret ingredient?” There’s NO attachment to the outcome. At first, my mind was a bit shocked by this approach but as I learn to surf this new wave of “whatever happens is fine” I find it such a refreshing approach to business planning.

2 thoughts on “Respect the Energy: A No-Pressure Approach

  1. Cindy Reinhardt

    I love this and daily put attention from living in this way and from this place. Such freedom! Thank YOU Joan for the lovely way you express this concept!

    1. Cindy, that’s so great. I think of you as someone who has done this for years. Role model!

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